4 Powerful Business Women | Episode 16 | Podcast Salestrategy by Nathan Manzaneque. The podcast that shares about sales, business, and strategy.

On this episode of Salestrategy Podcast, I had the privilege of sharing an hour or so with four remarkable entrepreneurs. Four women who appreciate the value of creating relationships and building trust with other business owners to experience mutual growth.

If there is anything in common between them, I would say it is their positive attitude and their strong ethics in their careers. They are facing the COVID-19 crisis and using their time to help other business owners as part of BTB Club, the business networking organisation in English that helps expat CEOs and international business owners.

Lina Grüebler, Interior Designer, Germany

Lina Grüebler. A talented interior designer, specialist in Interior Styling & Interior Photography. She offers independent services in Malaga and the Costa Del Sol area as well as in cooperation with Kathy Kunz Interiors in Berlin, Germany.

Jessica Baker, Your Planner, Ireland

Jessica Baker. A very inspirational business owner with a talent for protocol and classy corporate events. A tireless promotor of Malaga and Costa del Sol as business destinations.

Lucy Mackovà, English N Lucy

Lucy Mackovà. An entrepreneur with a passion for growth and sharing powerful learning experiences with companies through communication skills in English.

Valentina Liski

Valentina Liski. A great nomad entrepreneur with a varied background that knows very well what it means to change industries, to travel the world, and conquer her limits.

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