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In this episode Nathan Manzaneque discusses the ins and outs of resuming sales and business after your holidays with Andy Kay, successful international copywriter from Denmark, and Jonathan Holdaway, Chartered Financial Planner and Wealth Management sales expert from the UK, now both living in the amazing Costa del Sol in Spain.

Business is about relationships, and if you want to build a relationship anything positive can happen for you. When you are back from holidays you need to clarify again how you are interacting with your prospective connectors. They will take care of putting you in contact with their connections who will likely become your faithful customers.

In order to that to happen, you need to become referable. It’s all about establishing relationships, so you add value to other people and then they want to give back to you.

«BTB Club it has helped me to become an effective networker. Not only you learn about your fellow members, you also learn about your own business, thanks to the cross-fertilisation of ideas that takes place.»

– Jonathan Holdaway, Holdaway Financial Planning

One of the key recommendations is to join an English business networking group in your area. In fact, networking has never been so key as part of any business and sales strategy. So if you want to really grow professionally engaging in meaningful conversations with other business owners will have a powerful effect in your progress.

A great networking group helps you to speed up the process of getting great quality referrals. As long as they have a proven process in place and it’s not just socialising over a few drinks.

«I have got 100% of my clients through BTB Club, so can it help your business, sure! You need a network if you want to be in business for long»

– Andy Kay, Andy Kay CopyWriter

Being in business on your own can feel very lonely, so being part of a business networking group can really help you and be a great boost for your business and leadership.

Thanks for listening, and to my fellow podcasters Jonathan Holdaway and Andy Kay. Thanks to the gorgeous Molina Lario Hotel in Malaga down town, meet you here next week!

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