This week has been very inspiring indeed. I love working with my auditor and economist clients. And on Monday I got to record a podcast episode with a sales consultant like myself from Alicante. It looks like we are going to do very cool things together. So stay tuned if you can for my podcast next week of my podcast in Spanish Ventatregia.

My INSPIRE Mastermind was last Tuesday a highlight for me. Giving training and conducting the mastermind dynamics is both challenging and inspiring. I get to learn so much from the amazing CEO’s and entrepreneurs in the room! We had people from 8 different countries this week. Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Estonia, Britain, Ireland, Italy and Spain. It’s so very inspiring and practical!

And I endeavour to lead by example, so this week I planned to also add value to people in my network. This week I had the pleasure of inviting an entrepreneur from Canada to join me for a day of golf and introducing her to many other international business owners in my network.

Today I challenged some of my contacts to share their compelling stories on my podcast or committing to write their stories on a book. Two of them have already accepted! I will keep you posted 😉

Just on this fun business – golf – day I generated five different referrals for some of my international contacts. How much value have you been able to give to people in your network? Why not making it a point for next week to plan for specific actions that can help them with their objectives. Make it about them, not about you.

This week on this episode of my podcast Saletrategy I want to talk to you about how to get clients when you are new in town.

Maybe you just moved to another country. I myself have been an expat for many years, so I can relate to your concerns, your feelings and doubts.

Please spend fifteen minutes listening to this week’s episode and share your thoughts with me. I’d love to hear from your own experience and viewpoints.

Podcast Saletrategy Episode 8 | How To Get Clients When You’re New In Town

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